Preview URLs before you click the Link

Running multiple blogs, I am always nervous about people who leave links to their websites.  I am ESPECIALLY nervous when those links are the abbreviated URLs.  There is a way to “preview” this non-descript links before actually clicking on them, though.  Although this still does not guarantee safety, it is at least a road bump.

Bitly – after the link just add a “+” so the preview is at – after the link just add a “+” so the preview is at

TinyCC – after the link just add a “~” so the preview is at

TInyURL – in front of the link you can add preview – ie

A safety feature TinyURL has is that you can always default a preview by enabling the preview directly from their site at

Twitter – a product that is strictly for tweets!  They check all URLs against potential unsafe links.  – is the shortened link, but having problems finding out out to preview without one of the consolidaters listed below.  However, one of the nice features about is that it goes through a verification step before creating your URL just to make sure it is not a bot doing the dirty work.

If you want a one stop check for short URLs, you can check out this website . . . it should detect and preview most of the popular ones which uses to check sites.

I am sure there are a dozen more url shortners . . . I will search more and consolidate here.