Focus Software Development is constantly evolving and part of that evolution is introducing new products to the market.  Over the last 10 years we have brought to market custom and in production products and built profitable ecommerce sites.  The platforms we have built our sites on are Amazon, Shopify and Etsy.

  • Trendy Bracelets (
  • Kiss The Sun Skin Care (Skin care products made in the USA)
  • Sound Monkey Audio (Bluetooth speakers and headsets)
  • Active Lifestyle Outfitters (Silicone Rings)

To support our growth, we have mastered online advertising with Facebook and Google.   We understand the algorithms these advertising platforms use and we can help you create the campaigns needed for your success.

Not only do we create and generate our own ecommerce sites, we have helped others bring their online sales dreams come true.

If you are lost in the finite details and need assistance in either developing, importing, creating an ecommerce presence or marketing, we can help.