Timeshare Service List

Our 30 years of experience as executive managers in the timeshare industry translates to mission-critical expertise for your business needs. We have extensive Marketing, Operations, Title, Escrow, Database and Data Management, and Call Center experience. We are experts in MS Word, Excel, and Access, Salesforce and we are Salesforce certified for DocuSign. We also use the power of FormAssembly to power our document delivery and signature acquisitions. Our team can also create white label solutions for your brand.

Database Services – Data drives almost everything we do. We can help you organize your data, whether it’s assisting with data cleanup for your in-house solution, developing a system for you to manage by, or helping you evaluate 3rd party solutions. We will provide guidelines for your business data collection points and develop the necessary reports for your business.

Inventory Rentals – Like most HOAs, your delinquencies are probably increasing. To stay afloat, you need to move that inventory to bring in operating cash. We have moved hundreds of thousands of room nights through the OTAs and company-owned resources. This may be even more critical as we enter the 2021 maintenance fee billing cycle. Time is of the essence to stay ahead of the curve. To increase your cash flow, we’ll assess your rental goals and needs and help you develop solutions.

Budgeting – Do you need more detail in your line-item budgets? We can help you develop Marketing and Sales or HOA P&L budgets. We’ll work through your cash needs, staffing, marketing and sales channels, and your direct and indirect expenses. We can also assist with monthly P&L reviews (budget to actual).

Club Inventory Management – Is keeping track of your points-based system intimidating, especially when you have to report monthly balances to your lenders? We’ll create a specific tracking mechanism so you can consolidate and track your inventory movements. This requires strict adherence to recording all transactions to include New Inventory, Lease Terminations, New Sales, Cancellations, Foreclosures, etc. We’ll manage to your lender’s and club’s requirements and establish auditing and reporting schedules based on your specific criteria.

Document Generation and Management – Could you benefit from generating multiple documents at a time from more consistent templates? We can take your data, clean up your templates and help you generate documents en masse. Examples of documents include statements of information, agreements, settlement statements and invoices. We will also help you deliver via mail or, better yet, DocuSign for speedier and more secure collections. This can include a tracking system for you to manage the send and receipt of those documents and a tickler system so you can see who hasn’t returned the documents in part or fully.

Call Center Services – Is it challenging to keep your call center productive and efficient? We’ll evaluate and offer suggestions to improve agent productivity, technology, finances, or marketing programs. We can generate KPI reports that help you manage your business, and we’ll provide assistance with Marketing, Referrals, Customer Service, and Appointment / Arrival confirmation campaigns.

HOA Inventory Cleanup / Consolidation – Does your HOA need to foreclose on or consolidate inventory? We’ll evaluate your ownership base and suggest cleanup options. If you’re considering expensive and time-consuming foreclosures, we can execute a clean-up program to recover up to 25% of that inventory before the process begins. We can also create a clean-up process to help consolidate your inventory.

HOA Dissolution – Is your HOA in need of a partial or full dissolution? There are many aspects to this undertaking, and we can help you determine your needs. We partner with well-financed developers who may be interested in a full buyout of your HOA should you have the votes to dissolve the entity.

Inventory Acquisition – Are you looking to discreetly acquire resort-specific inventory? We will set up a campaign to see what inventory is on the open market and come up with a plan to acquire it for you. If market-ready inventory doesn’t generate enough intervals, we’ll use NON-LIST sources to find existing owners on your behalf. We’ll solicit and contract with the current owners via a third-party entity to protect the end buyer’s acquisition.

We are not an escrow company, but we will prepare your files to minimize the time in escrow.

We are not a title company, but we search the basics and we know when to get the title experts involved. This will minimize your time in the search process. We also partner with Legal Aspirin and other industry legal professionals to provide legal advice and direction when needed.

Email Les.Abeyta@focussoftdev.com to set up an introductory call. If you are a resort, HOA board member, or management company, visit our Resort Recovery page.

We look forward to helping you solve your business challenges.

Updated 30 July 2021