Marketing – Tour Entry Screen

Marketing - Tour Entry Screen

Fields and their use

Reservation ID – (Created automatically) Tracking of all tour bookings for a client.

Sales Office – (Drop Down) the sales office this tour is booking into

Booking Date – (Drop Down) the date the reservation was received (not necessarily the date the reservation was put into the system)

Tour Type – (Drop Down) Day tour, Mini-Vac, OPC, Owner – however you want to classify the general type of client.  You could even add Owner

Tour Category – (Drop Down) In-house, Owner Referral, Vendor, OPC Mall

Tour Source – (Drop Down) Vendor A, Vendor B, Foothils Mall, Telemarekting Team A, Phone room B.  This is more specific as the the source.  You would not track individual employees here.

List Source – (Free Form) If you want to track a specific list for your telemarketers, this is a free form field where you can do that.

Tour Date – What date is the client touring

Wave Time – (Drop Down) – select the wave time the client is touring into.  The waves are not managed through the system.  There are reports for you to manage counts.  Each Tour Source will behave differently on show rates so the manager responsible for ensuring even wave management must monitor this.

Promo Code – (Drop Down) What is the guest promised to tour?  This isn’t what they get at the end of the tour, but what they are promised up front.

Tour Deposit – If a guest puts a deposit down, that amount goes here.  If it is refundable at the end of the tour, Mark Yes on Refundable.

Marketing Agent 1 – (Drop Down) The primary agent responsible for booking the client – Telemarketer or OPC.  In the case of this being a Vendor tour, making that vendor have an employee code is wise so that you don’t end up with a bunch of blanks on your employee reports. 

Marketing Agent 2 – (Drop Down) This could be your greet or the person that initially stops the guest in a mall or hotel if you have two man teams.  This would be a secondary position.

Sales Agent – (Drop Down) If you pre-assign tours, this is where you would list this.  In the event of an Owner or Owner Referral tour, you may want to assign the original agent or that teams agent in advance.  When you run your manifest reports, you’ll be able to make sure the Sales Agent is on duty that day or be prepared to greet the guest and let them know they have been assigned to someone else.

Tour Status Code – This will default to Booked in this screen.  Any cancellations, no shows, or shows are handled in a different screen.

Mini-Vac Information

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Arrival Date



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