Dos and Don’ts of FOCUS


Do use consistent data entry methods on names and addresses with proper capitalization and abbreviations

Do search for clients with existing records

Do audits on data entry staff to ensure they are entering records properly and consistently

Do cross train your staff – nothing is worse than a team where only one employee knows how a function works and then that employee is gone

Do create time schedules when certain projects must be completed

Do utilize as many fields as possible when creating client records.  You may not think you need them now, but as you become more successful, you will want to go back and look at that past data.

Do manage your premium inventory.  This can help you identify when you need to order more inventory or help you figure out if you have hard gifts that are walking out the door.

Do manage your timeshare inventory.  Improper management can lead to cash shortages when your loans don’t fund.

Do keep accurate comments where available.  With multiple employees speaking with your valuable clients, it is important to keep track of those client notes for everyone to see.


Don’t ignore mistakes when they happen.  If caught early enough, it can help avoid a large domino effect of issues down the road.

Don’t forget to classify employees properly for their job functions.

Don’t forget to terminate them in the system.

Don’t delete records . . . EVER!  Most of the deleting in the system has been disabled.  Deleting a record can cause ripple effect problems that can’t be recovered.

Don’t share user passwords.

Don’t share system access passwords.