Tired of Managing Your Timeshare Business on Spreadsheets?

FOCUS can help you manage
Your Timeshare or
Vacation Club Business
And save you from spreadsheet hell!


• Servers are cloud based hosted by Windows Azure
>>Maximizing uptime
>> Incredible data security

• All data belongs to the client
• Microsoft Data security
• Minimal infrastructure and hardware cost per location (no need to purchase expensive servers)
• Developed by Timeshare professionals for turnkey Marketing and Sales functionality
• Minimal turn around time to begin using
• Intuitive interface for easy training and efficient operation
• Competitive rates for like products in the market
• Online support pages to guide best practices.  Also to get feedback from other users.
• Contract integration with your existing WORD sales agreement
• FOCUS is an SAAS (Software As A Service) system – data hosted and maintained externally from your operation



• Captures full client information
• Identifies duplicates based on Phone number
• Captures Driver’s License information
• Ability to send confirmation letters and emails
• Functionality to integrate with SMS services


• Manages multiple sales centers sales activity
• Manages multiple products
• Allows for multiple methods of payment for agents (% or $)
• Export of sales for complete merge of all sales documents
• Export of sales tables for Equiant and lender needs
• Manage payments to vendors by sale
• Managed Cancellations


• Full Tracking on Timeshare inventory
• Full Premium Tracking (Gifting, receiving, damaged, etc)
• User managed Promotions
• User managed Tour Sources
• User Managed Employees

Marketing Reports

• Efficiency Report by Wave
• Efficiency Report by Marketing Agent
• Efficiency Report by Tour Source
• Efficiency Report by Sales Agent
• Booking Reports
• Confirmation Reports
• Owner Referral Reports
• Board reports to manage waves

Sales Reports

• Reports for cancellations
• Reports on Good Now Business
• Reports to manage Pender business
• Efficiency Report by Sales Agent
• Booking Reports
• Confirmation Reports
• Owner Referral Reports
• Board reports to manage waves


• Ability to export own data for analytical needs
• Customizable for own reporting
• Ability to tie directly into database for SQL development
• Export client data to Equiant Loan Servicing
• Export client data to Quorum or other lenders for expedited loan processing


The pricing model for FOCUS is simple. For a modest and fixed $1,500 per month, FOCUS provides a full service solution to tracking your bookings, tours and sales. FOCUS is a fixed cost alternative to other timeshare CRM products on the market. It gives you the ability to manage your premiums, sales inventory and generate contracts through a simple merge process. We won’t charge you for extra tours or sales just because you’re successful at what you do. We want to offer a reasonable product for an affordable price.

The modest $1,500 is for up to five offices sharing the same database. An additional fee may be required for more than five offices. The five offices could be three sales offices and two marketing offices or five sales offices, or four marketing offices and one sales office . . . whatever your configuration.

Need a tool for your vendor to enter their tours? FOCUS provides that too as part of the solution . . . their bookings feed straight into your operations while keeping your data secure.

Call 760.687.3189 to discuss your specific needs.