What is FOCUS

Focus is a software application designed by timeshare professionals . . . not programmers.  What does this mean?  It means that the team that knows the operations and reporting needs the best spent their time creating this tool for other professionals.  We’ve taken the most important elements we needed to manage our clients and our business and put that care into FOCUS.  Its not over done.  Its uncomplicated.  Its an affordable solution for the small to mid-sized developer.


What is Focus?

Focus is a timeshare and club sales CRM to manage bookings, tours and sales.


How did Focus come to be?

When researching timeshare CRM packages, there were quite a variety of excellent packages to choose from.  Several were industry leaders with everything needed but there was a heavy price tag to use them for a small operation.  Several were the right price, but they didn’t have all of the functionality to get the job done.  Since operations were starting only two months away, the choice came down to paying too much, not getting what was needed, or developing something from scratch.

Since Great Destinations​ was a startup project, we also had to be mindful of a shoe string budget that required a functional tool that wouldn’t break the bank.

In the end, we had the management experience to know what needed to be tracked and we had the programming experience to create the tool.  Focus was created with the sole purpose to manage bookings, tours, and sales without the large overhead to manage the process.  We’ve been in the corporate world before and we know how large an IT infrastructure can get.  We don’t want to be that.  We are not that.

We never had the thought to license this out to other companies.  However, once we told the story that we had a CRM in place and it worked for over a year to manage multiple telemarketing sources and sales offices, Focus started getting some attention.  This is when Focus Software Development, LLC was created.


What is Focus Now?

Focus is a fixed cost alternative to other timeshare CRM products on the market.  We don’t want a complicated pricing model.  We charge a modest fixed price for licensing the software.  We won’t charge you for extra tours or sales just because you’re successful at what you do.  We want to offer a reasonable product for an affordable price.

We didn’t add a lot of frills.  Chances are, if you are small to mid-sized operation, you aren’t looking for bells and whistles.  We don’t have a lot of analytical drill downs.  Although we capture all the data we need to perform those analytic brain twisters, we present just the basics so you know what sources are generating your tours, how efficient those sources were and which of your sales people sold the clients.  If you need an export for you to create your own analytics, we’ll have one available but we don’t want to get in the business of being mathematicians.  We just want to be the tool to help run your marketing and sales organization.

Focus is a solid but simple desktop based solution to manage your business.  The data is cloud based (we chose Windows Azure​ to host our data) accessible from anywhere (provided you have the application installed).  And there is a tool for your vendors to enter their tours from the web while keeping your data secure.

We’ve collectively been running marketing and sales operations for a long time.  We know what pieces are critical for managing the business.  We have processes in place to generate confirmation letters and emails.  We have exports so you can merge your sales contracts.  We have the processes in place to help you manage your timeshare and points based inventory.  We have the vehicle to manage your premiums.

Focus also has worked out key data transfers sets with industry service partners (Equiant​ for Loan Servicing and Quorum Federal Credit Union​ for Consumer Financing).  We’ve taken the time to work with industry lenders and collection service providers so data transfers for processing run efficiently.  We’ve also made sure our timeshare inventory tool has the data fields to accommodate the needs of the title companies.

At the end of the day, we don’t own any data.  That’s all yours.  We just provide the vessel for you to navigate the waters.

If you want a lot of custom reports and changes to what we have, we probably aren’t the tool for you.  But, if you trust our years in the business managing bookings, tours, and sales, then Focus is definitely worth looking at.


Les Abeyta​
Focus Software Development, LLC