FOCUS Starts Work on New Support Pages

We all know that documentation in any timeshare software is hard to come by.  Programmers are so focused on making sure the program runs correctly, that very little of the functionality is documented formally.  We pass functionality by showing the users or on Post-it® Notes or pages and pages of emails that only a select few get to see.

And as employees turn over, a lot of that  knowledge leave with them if proper Standard Operating Procedures are not documented.  Gaps of knowledge are at complete risk when employees leave.  Or the opposite happens . . . you have an employee that is with you forever and they know everything about your system, you are afraid to let them go because your held captive by their knowledge.

FOCUS is making an attempt to turn that tide.  Support pages will be made available on  These pages will guide the new and existing clients on “Best Practices”, “Do’s and Don’ts”, “Field Definitions” and more.  In addition to this, these pages are open for teams at different companies to comment and add their tips on a screen, report, or general best practices.  As these comments come in, they will get added to the support page documentation for everyone to see.

Making life easier for FOCUS clients is our goal.

Supporting our clients with better interactive documentation will help everyone in the long run.  After all, we don’t operate in a bubble.

At the end of the day, everything we do is to help create happier Timeshare and Vacation Club owners