Products and Services

Focus Software Development started out as a database development company, but our services are expanding to meet our client needs. Our current list of services include:

  • FOCUS Timeshare Software – our flagship product
  • Database Services
  • Inventory Rentals
  • Business Management and Operations Analysis
  • Employee Organization and Development
  • Club Inventory Management
  • Trust Development and Management (along with our legal partner Legal Aspirin)
  • Document Generation Management
  • Call Center Management
  • Call Center Services
  • HOA Inventory Cleanup and Consolidation
  • HOA Dissolution (along with our legal partner Legal Aspirin)
  • Inventory Acquisition
  • Developer Budget Development and Management
  • Data Entry
  • Development of Online Retail solutions via Shopify, Amazon, and others

In addition to FOCUS, FSD have also become experts in implementing third party software solutions to meet the business needs.

  • Salesforce
  • VOIP phone installations
  • Docusign

We have an active GSA registration.  That means we can conduct business through the GSA to sell products and services.  If you have products made in the USA and you want to see if the government wants your product, contact us.  20% of the US governments spending is on products and services found through the GSA.

If you have a business need, contact us at to see if we can assist you in developing a better business process.